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To purchase property in Spain you will need an NIE number

Police stamp nie

An NIE number is a foreigner’s identity number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) issued to non natives and is an abosolute necessity in order to carry out many financial and other transactions in Spain.

In your case, you’re probably thinking of or about to purchase a property for the first time in Spain.

Whether you intend to live here or are simply using as a holiday home you will need to be assigned an NIE number before you can go any further.

An NIE number (on a certificate) can only be applied for and collected in person.

The application involved the payment of a government fee of around €9.84, which must be paid at a Spanish bank along with the correct payment form known as Modelo 790. The form is in triplicate, one the bank will keep, one for you, and one for the application process. It is proof of payment.

Once you have paid the fee, an application form EX-15 must be filled out. In this form you ‘ll need to fill in your personal details, and indicate the circumstances of your application; for example for application for NIE as a resident or non-resident. You’ll also tell them why, the choices being economic interests, professional intestes, and social interests – you have to be specific.

Once you have your form filled out, it’s time to get all of the other supporting documents together. This is much easier if you are from an EU country, sadly for nationals of  The United Kingdom things are now more difficult. We’ve given an overview of what’s required in the tables below.

Bear in mind that Spanish authorities always like copies – it’s always a good idea to have about 3 of everything, they most likely won’t want all of them, or perhaps only one copy but if you get someone awkward on the day you’ll be prepared hopefully for all outcomes!

For your passport they will want copies of the inner page – on a UK passport, this is 2 pages one of which has your photo.

For your passport photos – UK approved passport photos should be acceptable and should preferably have been taken with a plain white background, cream or light grey – UK passport photos are 45mm x 35mm. Please note that photos for residencia applications are much smaller and on a white background also. Do not be tempted to print  your own photos on an inkjet printer these will most likely be rejected when the police officer scans them in. To be sure, only use photo booth quality photos.

Make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity left to run at the time of your appointment.

Once you have everything together you should then make an appointment online. You cannot simply turn up at the national police office or foreigner’s office (this used to be the case some years ago but it is all now appointment only).

We have included links below to the 2 forms you need, and also the link for booking your appointment. We do however offer  services related to applying for  your NIE – you can see these adjoining.

Supporting Documentation

From a current EU citizen
EU Citizen
  • Passport
  • 2 x Passport Photos
  • Proof of Spanish Address
  • EX-15
  • Modelo 790
  • Health Insurance OR EHIC
  • Specific Proof
Non UK!

Supporting Documentation

UK or non-EU citizen
  • Passport | Visa | Landing Card
  • 2 x Passport Photos
  • Proof of Spanish Address | Padron
  • EX-15
  • Modelo 790
  • Health Insurance
  • Specific Proof

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