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What is an open house event?

Photo for open house event

An open house event is where a property is made available to view by prospective purchasers typically on a designated day or date, and set hours.

Prospective purchasers can just turn up without an appointment to view.

The event will usually be hosted by the seller, or their appointed representative. They will be available  to answer any questions you may have. Normally the host will greet you on arrival and then leave you to your own devices to look around. 

I am a seller and want to publicise an open house event for my property

It’s easy to arrange an open house event for your property, and can be a great way to get as many prospective buyers over your door during a fixed period of time.

There are 2 options, host the event yourself, or have us host it for you. Just pick the add-on / upgrade you want – either way we’ll apply the ‘Open House’ label to your listing and we’ll remove it after your event.

If you choose to host the event yourself, remember to include the details in your listing.

Once you’ve set a date and your hours, simply share your listing page in as many places and ways as possible.

I am a buyer and want to attend an open house event

Although there isn’t any need to let the buyer know you’ll be attending, it’s always worth sending the buyer an e-mail just in case, especially if you need additional directions.

Don’t forget to take a note of the seller’s contact details should you get lost!

If the event says the house is open from 9am until 7pm don’t turn up at 6.50pm, give yourself adequate time to view the property and to ask questions of the seller or their appointed representative.

Be prepared to give some feedback on your viewing to the host before you depart, or leave your contact details so they can get some feedback from you later perhaps by e-mai.

If you like what you see then let them know. Don’t feel obliged to commit yourself there and then but you could indicate your strength of interest.


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