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Property Price Research

When you use an estate agent, usually they will use their local knowledge and experience to value your property.

Remember that when you are selling your own property you aren’t paying agent fees so remember to take that into account to make your property competitive in comparison.

To set a realistic price for your home you will need to do some property price research.

If you are registered as a seller on our site, then you will be able to use the spreadsheet tool on this page to give you a little insight into current market prices.

If you’re not logged in, you won’t see this, however you can still research prices manually yourself.

Manually research prices

Visit your local estate agents either online or their office windows and look for properties similar to yours and in your area, or similar areas nearby and make a note of the prices. If prices have a fairly wide range you can always work out an average if you have sufficient property prices.

Remember of course that the prices you find in estate agents will be higher because the seller will be factoring in agency fees – when you sell with us, you are your own agent and of course will not be paying agency fees, so your price ideally should be less which will make your listing more appealing. You can of course enjoy similar market exposure that you would get with a normal agent by purchasing our optional upgrades but you will still be saving lots of money even taking into account any upgrades.

Ask an agent

Most estate agents will give you a free no obligation valuation of your property in the hope that you will list with them. You can still list with them if you wish and also sell yourself through our site – if you decide to do this please checkout this article first: Using other agencies.

House with euro notes for property price research

Property Price Data Database

We maintain a database of current property prices holding information such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, style of home and location.

We can use this to give you a fairly basic idea of prices in your area. 

All you need to do is use the chatbot on this page which will take a few details from you and then e-mail you the details.

For a more comprehensive valuation please contact us – you can ask the chatbot to send us your details if you wish.

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