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Using other agencies

photo showing house for sale with multiple agents: using other agencies

Remember that when you list your property yourself with DIRECTCASAS.COM (when you’re not using our full agent service) that we are not acting as an agent for you, we simply provide the means for you to publicise your property.

We do not charge a commission. You may however purchase additional services and upgrades in our shop to improve your chances.

So, to all intents and purposes you are selling privately, and this is usually allowed without penalty should you also engage one or more estate agents.

When you are marketing your own property yourself, we’ll flag your property as ‘Direct Casa‘ – this tells buyers that they are dealing directly with you (and also tells other agents this too!).

Types of contract with other agencies

When you engage an estate agent to market your property, they will of course negotiate a commission which you must pay usually once they sell your property. Fees can vary, and will invariably be more if you use more than one agency since the agents are then competing with one another.

Sole Agency

This is the most common arrangement. You will agree only to use the agency for a fixed period of time and for an agreed fee upon sale.

If you find a buyer yourself and sell privately you should not be liable for any commissions.

We do however advise you to confirm this in writing should you also engage an agent.

Sole Selling Rights

Consider carefully if an agent wants to use the sole selling rights model, since should you sell privately you will still be liable to pay a fee to the agent.

Multiple Agency

Where you engage 2 or more agents with the idea of exposing your property to a wider audience. Agents will likely charge higher commissions when they are not sole agency.

Collaborating Agents

As you most probably know there are plenty of estate agents in our area. But, did you know that quite a few of them collaborate in listing properties, so if you are thinking of engaging a further agent remember to check with your existing agent if they colloborate with others and which sites, afer all you don’t want to go signing up with an agent that is potentially already listing your property!

Property Portals

Besides collaborations many agents may also market your property on the major property portals such as, a place in the sun, zoopla and so on.

If you are just listing with DIRECTCASAS.COM we also have our various portal listing upgrade options – if you already have an agent remember to find out which portals you might already be on.

Agent Photographs & Media

If you are also listed with an agent and intend to use the photographs or other imagery they have taken beware of potential copyright issues.

Remember, as part of their service they have taken the time to take and process your images in your contract with them, as such it is likely they hold the copyright for those. If you wish to use them on your listing here you should get written permission from them first.

To avoid any misunderstandings or issues you should either take your own images or purchase our upgrade.

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