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3 Simple Steps to Effortless Money Conversion: Get the Best Rates!

Get more euros for your money

A Place In The Sun Currency - Money Conversion - Comparisons

To make things as easy as possible for you when purchasing your property through us, and to make sure you get one of the best money exchange rates going we’ve teamed up with A Place in The Sun Currency. This will make sure you get one of the market leading money conversions available on the market today.

Also worthwhile if you’re a seller and wanting to move your proceeds back to the UK or other home country.

All that’s needed is to complete 3 simple steps. If you’re not sure, please get in touch with us and we can guide you through the process. We’re happy to help, and that’s whether you buy through us or not.

Also, if you’re buying and need a Spanish Mortgage why not checkout our easy no obligation mortgage quote through our partner Habeno?

Really Easy. Free Account. No Obligation.


Open an account with A Place in The Sun Currency using our form. Opening an account is free, and there's no obligation. We recommend setting this up as soon as you start looking for your property, don't wait!


If the conversion rate is good, it is possible to lock in a rate known as a forward contract this can save you thousands and help avoid fluctuations in exchange rates particularly if the rate appears to be on a downward trend.


Transfer your currency to A Place In The Sun Currency.They'll do the conversion and send it on to the euro account you've specified safely, securely, efficiently and with speed.

A Place in The Sun Currency - Money Conversion

Money Conversion - Useful Videos

Related Information

Although we’ve suggested its a 3 step process to keep it simple, A Place In The Sun Currency talk about 4 steps, in any event watching the video will give you a good clear overview of the simple process.

An Account that Works For You

From a deposit on a house to regular monthly payments, A Place in the Sun Currency ensures your funds reach the right destination, at the right time, at a highly competitive exchange rate.

Barclays Bank

A Place in the Sun Currency handles all client payments through UK and EU bank accounts held with Barclays Bank plc. A name you know and trust.

Financial Conduct Authority Regulated

A Place in The Sun Currency are experts in making international payments for overseas property buyers, and are FCA regulated as well as HMRC registered as a money service business. Your money is held in Safeguarded bank accounts and is legally ring-fenced until transferred to your destination account.

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