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Property strap line and description

Next to your listing’s imagery (photos, 360 tour and / or video tour), the property strap line is probably equally important as this is the hook that will get a viewer interested.

After the property strap line, is the description of the property itself.

Here are some tips on coming up with a great property strap line and description.

Showing a google search for rural properties

Property Strap line

The strap line is typically the title, shown in large lettering that is going to pull in your viewer.

When you visit various estate agent portals they tend to be rather generic and uninspiring - don't be like them.

Typically uninspiring strap lines might be something like '3 bedroom 1 bathroom villa in Redovan' - just think how many properties in Redovan that this could describe!

The strap line or page heading shows up in search engine listings, along with a few lines of description underneath, so this is important to get right if you want to drive clicks to your listing from search engine results particularly).

Try combining elements from the items below to come up with an interest piquing strap line.

Town / Location Tips

Including the town can be useful but not essential, but always better to qualify it in some way...

For example

  • on the outskirts of Rojales
  • central Rojales location
  • in Rojales on a large private plot
  • quiet cul-de-sac in Rojales
  • Make Unique

    Try incorporating some of your properties finer selling points in your strap line...

    For example

  • with separate visitors annexe
  • with sea and mountain views
  • on a secure gated community with excellent faclities
  • including 3 year old car
  • with beautifully maintained grounds
  • Searchers

    Perhaps include a word or phrase which someone might search for using Google for example..

    For example

  • excellent renovation project
  • Rural property
  • near several golf courses
  • with several out buildings
  • in typical Spanish area
  • holiday home
  • exellent retirement home
  • taking photos for your property: a well lit kitchen

    Property Description

    I always find it perplexing when I read a property listing which simply states what I can already see in the quick overview or features section.

    Why would you say 'this property has 3 bedrooms' and descriptions like that - chances are your viewer may well have searched for 3 bedroom properties so that's just wasted copy. You'll also see in your listing in the overview section that it will state how many bedrooms at a glance..

    If you want to talk about a specific room or bedroom, only do so if you’re pointing out some really unique feature, for example, the master bedroom opens out onto a sunny balcony with a view overlooking your pool. This is a great place to relax of an evening sipping a cold drink and snacking on tapas’ – see how that it much better than saying ‘the property has one large master bedroom’. When you describe your property, try and fire the readers imagination.

    In fact you can go a lot further with your description, it doesn’t just have to relate to the property, you can also describe what it is like to live there and so on, for example:

    We have really enjoyed living here, our neighbours are mainly English but we also have some Dutch friends amongst them. We enjoy regular community get togethers. One of our favourite places is Plan B Tapas bar which is only a 5 minute stroll away, and of course many more such places in walking distance.
    There’s plenty to do for those of us that live here, and there’s plenty to keep your visitors occupied too, bowls club, bridge club, art lessons, ladie’s club, a water park, a beatiful park great for kids and walking the dog – the park even has. little kiosko’

    If you’ve opted for one of our list yourself options you might decide to upgrade to a video tour, we can also include an interview with you, the owner telling your viewers about the area and why it’s such a good place to live.

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